The Dutch House

The Dutch Houses were real old timber buildings. They were lovely.

They had two windows with a mixed display. It was a bit posh and expensive. They sold clothes and china. G.A Dunn and Co was opposite it.

It was a very upmarket department store. The Dutch House was out of my pocket.

It was the Irish Linen and Hosiery Association.

It was pulled down by the Americans.

It was believed the Dutch House could have been saved.

They tried to pull it down manually with ropes. It started to creak but nothing happened then an American lorry came along and they used that – but they still had a job to do it.

It wasn’t pulled down straight away. We were standing opposite it during one of the Victory parades at the end of the war. I have a photo of the parade and you can see some people standing on one of the balconies.

See The Dutch House on the walking trail