British Restaurant

The entrance was down at the bottom of the steps behind the Mauretania. At the outbreak of war they had built the Council House up to the 1st floor, I think – but they had to stop building because of the war. In the basement an area was curtained off for the restaurant with tables and chairs set out and there was a serving hatch you went to for food. It cost about a shilling a meal.

There was another British Restaurant on the street level of College Green next to the Lord Mayor’s Chapel. It was a prefab and all on one level. College Green was raised until the 1950s, it used to be 3 or 4 metres higher. It used to have lots of trees on it.

It was 1s 9d or 1s 6d for a meal - a 3-course meal.

Food was rationed and it wasn’t like you get now. They were quite nice meals. I went in there.

Olive C
It was a nice meal - cottage pie, fish pie. There was a British Restaurant in College Road.

There was also one at Avonmouth. You didn’t need coupons to eat there.

There was a British Restaurant at the top of Castle Street and Peter Street.

You could get pom, which was powdered potato, corned beef, and beetroot.
I went into a British Restaurant one day and they were advertising savoury sandwiches so we ordered them. It turned out to be fish paste – we’d really been looking forward to them too.

Sponge with a lump of custard on top- that was called Bakewell Tart.

There wasn’t any choice – just the one menu.

I was in a British Restaurant once and had ordered Spam. I sat down at this man’s table and he took this bottle of sauce out of his jacket. He very kindly offered me some, which was lovely, because Spam didn’t have much taste.

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