Rebuilding the city

The Bristol Blitz claimed nearly 1,300 lives. Three thousand, three hundred and five people were injured and 2,295 homes were destroyed. Many of the people who lost their homes were re-housed in temporary buildings called prefabs. Prefabs were not meant to be permanent homes but there are still people in Bristol today who live in prefabs, 60 years after the end of the war.

The rebuilding of the city centre started almost as soon as the war had ended. The Blitz destroyed many historic buildings and the centre of the city was changed forever.

Bristol was not the only place to suffer bombing in the war. Cities all over Britain and Europe were destroyed but many European cities were rebuilt after 1945 to look exactly as they had before the war. Bristol had already made plans to change its city centre before the war began. When it came to rebuilding after the war, Bristol, and many other British cities, chose not to look back to the past but to rebuild in a modern style.

Today Bristol continues to change. The latest areas to be re-developed are Harbourside and Broadmead. Both these areas will be lively leisure and shopping centers, just like Castle Park before the Blitz.

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