Early Raids

During July, August and September 1940 Bristol had more air raids, this time during the day. On September 7th bombs were dropped near Bristol Cathedral. One of the bombs badly damaged the Cathedral School.

On September 25th the siren sounded for the 151st time. Many of the warnings had been false alarms and by now people were beginning to ignore the sirens. This time, however, the warning was real. 168 bombs were dropped in 45 seconds. The target was the Bristol Aeroplane Works at Filton, in the north of the city. Ninety one people working at the factory were killed. Another 69 people living in the area were killed. Nine hundred houses were damaged. There was no anti-aircraft fire or fighter aircraft to cover the factory.

Two days later, on September 27th, the Luftwaffe tried another raid on the Bristol Aeroplane Works. This time a squadron of RAF Hurricane fighter planes were there to meet them. After a ‘dog fight’ over the city, which brought many people out of their houses to watch, the German planes flew away without reaching their target.

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