8. St-Mary-le Port Church/Street

St Mary-le-Port church was damaged during the bombing of the Castle Park district. The remains are found behind the post war buildings on the High Street. Many of the visible remains are perpendicular (English Gothic style from the late c14 to early c16), but late Saxon/early Norman origins were uncovered during excavation in the 1960s. The name Mary-le-Port is from the 1600’s and indicates it was close to a market. A three stage pennant (sandstone) tower, with limestone details is still intact and is dated from the c15. There are also simple perpendicular windows, some arched battlements and a stair turret remaining, but the rest of the building is made up of low rubble walls. The porch of the church on the north side would have led out onto St Mary-le-Port Street, through narrow c17 houses which were built over the old churchyard, and which were also destroyed during the bombing.

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